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CIMAR Concrete products will finish your assignments stably and credibly.

CIMAR Floor Scarifier can be worked for concrete, asphalt and steel surface.

CES-200 can be used for:

        1. Sidewalk repair

        2. Coating removal

        3. Floor preparation or cleaning

        4. Creating non-slip surface

        5. Traffic marking removal Concrete joints and uneven 

        6. Surface grinding

Every CIMAR floor scarifier is tested before delivery. We promise the products high quality, low cost and excellent performance. You can trust CIMAR.

Model CES-200 CES-200E
Engine Type Honda GX160 ABLE Electric Motor
Max. Output Power kW(PS) 4(5.5) 230V 50Hz 1.5kW
Weight Kg 60 53
Dimension L (mm) 890
W (mm) 360
H (mm) 920
Working Width mm 200(8")
Working Depth mm 1~3
Performance (㎡/h) 66
Option of Cutter asphalt、concrete
Shaft No. 4

1. Cutting depth adjustment

2. Strong handle

3. Front mounting lifting handle makes easy transportation

4. Anti-vibration mounts makes comfortable operation

5. Powder coated finish

6. Dust control outlet

7. Easy-control engine stop switch

8. Sealed bearing makes a longer life